‘Freebie Friday’ Share: Daniel Fast Recipe Collection eBooks

Please enjoy this gift of ebooks, shared with our community as free downloads today via our good friends at LORAX Community‘s wonderful VeganDIY blog:

“As promised in our previous post, today we share a special offer of gratitude for compassionate ‘Daniel Fast’ enthusiasts who were kind enough to follow us over from the imagineahimsa blog.

For those unfamiliar with this term, the Daniel Fast is not so much  fasting but essentially more of a dietary lifestyle alteration modelled after the biblical account of the life of Daniel.
This spiritually-inspired way of eating essentially embraces veganism and transcendental enlightenment which often comes as a result of adaptation to peaceful dietary habits. Some would describe it as a spiritual journey to deeper understanding and closer relationship with creative force.

This particular lifestyle is not only considered to be spiritually beneficial, but as the Daniel Fast eliminates animal flesh, by-products, and also gluten (three common causes of many digestive issues), it is deemed a wonderful way to begin a life of vibrant health as a result of mindful eating.

Compassion begins on the plate, and looking into this particular philosophy may very likely change the way one looks at food and fasting forever!

And so without further ado, today we offer:

Daniel Fast Smoothies: Quick & Easy Nourishing Meals,

and also a collection of

Daniel Fast Slow Cooker Recipes

for those inclined to huddle around their crockpots for warmth and Winter nourishment.

Happy holidays, and many thanks!”

Father Frank’s Awakening to Compassion for Animals

Short video in which a priest from Queens, NY speaks candidly on his startling realisation of non-human animals as fellow sentient beings, and the numerous social justice issues facing so many.

Many thanks to Tribe of Heart for having created this film, and all of their incredible work in helping to spread awareness on such profoundly crucial matters.

May all beings live happy and free!

Archbishop Desmond Tutu & Social Justice for ALL Sentient Beings

Archbishop Desmond Tutu seeks social justice for everyone— including animals. In his forwarding statement for The Global Guide to Animal Protection, he urges readers to seek justice and protection for all creatures, humans and animals alike.

Read more via Huffington Post

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Powered by Compassion

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